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Be sure to set your user preferences for each application. For more on this, Watch this quick video tutorial.

Available Applications

Here is the listing of the available applications and tools for your group. Based on your member status (guest/visitor, limted access member, full access member, or admin team member), you will see only the applications and tools that are available to you.

The icons in the lower right-hand corner of each application description box will take you to the area where you can set your personal preferences (as a member) or global configurations (as an administrator).

Administrators are encouraged to check the administrator settings frequently for new tools and applications to add to this list.

Affiliate Program » With our affiliate program, you can refer members to our group site and earn commission on your referrals. You can check your stats and amounts owed in this area.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passparticipate
Full Accessparticipate
Essence Process Inner Circleparticipate
Audio / Video Postcards » The audio / video postcard is a unique way to use the power of sound and video to convey a message to your audience. This is perfect for announcements, invitations, or just about any message. Best of all, the slick, web-based audio/video recorder allows you to record your message directly from your web browser!

Guest Accessview/listen to message
Community Passview/listen to message, create postcards
Full Accessview/listen to message, create postcards
Essence Process Inner Circleview/listen to message, create postcards
Audio / Visual Presentations » The audio / visual presentation is a tool for sharing information that uses images, words, and optional audio. This on-line tool makes creating dynamic presentations both simple and fun.

Guest Accessview a/v presentations
Community Passview a/v presentations
Full Accessview a/v presentations, create a/v presentations
Essence Process Inner Circleview a/v presentations, create a/v presentations
Blogs / Podcasts / Articles » The blog / podcast / article application allows members or administrators to create their own blogs, podcasts, and/or articles. A blog is like an on-line journal or diary and a podcast is like a radio show for the Internet. Blogs and podcasts give members the opportunity to express themselves by sharing ideas with the group or the world.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passread blogs/casts, create blogs/casts
Full Accessread blogs/casts, create blogs/casts
Essence Process Inner Circleread blogs/casts, create blogs/casts
Calendar » The calendar is ideal to post events, important dates, vacation schedules, meetings... you name it. The calendar features include E-mail / SMS reminders, read-only views, recurring events, event addition/update notification, any many more.

Guest Accessread calendar entries
Community Passread calendar entries
Full Accessread calendar entries
Essence Process Inner Circleread calendar entries
Communication System » The communication system is an e-mail list, web-based discussion board, and private message system. This can be setup so that only certain members of the admin team can post messages to the group, or all members can post. This is the ultimate communication tool.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passread messages on webboard, send/post messages
Full Accessread messages on webboard, send/post messages
Essence Process Inner Circleread messages on webboard, send/post messages
Documentation Creator » The online documentation creator is a tool used to create on-line documentation much like the help files used by desktop applications. This tool makes creating documentation easy while automatically creating expanding menus and searchable documents.

Guest Accessread documentation
Community Passread documentation
Full Accessread documentation
Essence Process Inner Circleread documentation, create documentation
File Sharing » The file sharing application is a way for members or administrators to upload files to the server and share them with all members and/or visitors. The file upload feature uses a state-of-the-art flash plug-in that allows for easy file uploads.

Guest Accessdownload files
Community Passdownload files
Full Accessdownload files
Essence Process Inner Circledownload files
Frequently Asked Questions » The frequently asked question application organizes your group's FAQs into a browsable and searchable format that is easy to edit and update. From the user's point-of-view, it is easy to search, browse, and print, making it one very useful tool.

Guest Accessread FAQs
Community Passread FAQs
Full Accessread FAQs
Essence Process Inner Circleread FAQs
Live Broadcaster » The live broadcaster is a flash-based application that allows the broadcaster to conduct live audio and/or video events, where others (participants) could watch/listen live and give feedback and comments in real-time using a built-in text-based chat client. This is the ideal tool for webinars, podcasts, and other live events.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passparticipate
Full Accessparticipate
Essence Process Inner Circleparticipate
Member Webpages » Each member can create their own custom webpages. These webpages are created with the online webpage creator - a tool that is very similar to popular word processing editors, making the creation of webpages both intuitive and fun.

Guest Accessview webpages
Community Passview webpages
Full Accessview webpages
Essence Process Inner Circleview webpages
Online Store » The online store is a place where you can buy products and/or services related to this group. It is a fully-featured shopping cart system that handles transactions securely and keeps all customer information private.

Guest Accessbuy products/services
Community Passbuy products/services
Full Accessbuy products/services
Essence Process Inner Circlebuy products/services
Photo Gallery » The photo gallery is a place for administrators and/or members to store and display photos or other images. This uses a convenient web-based photo uploader to make uploading multiple photos easy. The slideshow option makes viewing these images even easier.

Guest Accessview photos
Community Passview photos
Full Accessview photos, upload photos
Essence Process Inner Circleview photos, upload photos
Reviews » The reviews application is a tool used to display vendors, merchants, retailers, books, movies, places,... anything that is common to your group. Members can rate each listing, add comments, and add and personal notes to the listings.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passview/comment on listings
Full Accessview/comment on listings, enter listings
Essence Process Inner Circleview/comment on listings, enter listings
Task Manager » The task manager allows you to create private and shared tasks. This is an ideal way for any group to get things done! This productivity tool can be used by the members, or just by the administration team, while allowing members to comment on the tasks.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passn/a
Full Accessread posted tasks, create tasks
Essence Process Inner Circleread posted tasks, create tasks
Teleconferencing » We offer reliable secure reservationless conferencing, using state of the art digital technology. Features include dedicated dial-in-number and access codes, free recording, up to 150 callers per conference, no reservations needed, one number and multiple access codes to group and organize conferences, and more!

Guest Accessparticipate in calls
Community Passparticipate in calls
Full Accessparticipate in calls
Essence Process Inner Circleparticipate in calls
Video / MP3 Gallery » The video / MP3 gallery displays your videos in a web browser-friendly video player that works on just about every modern browser. It also will play MP3 files through a similar universal browser-based MP3 player. It allows for web-based upload of just about any format video and converts the file into a web-friendly streaming video. Once uploaded, these videos/MP3s can be watched/listened to on-line and commented on by members.

Guest Accesswatch videos / listen to MP3s
Community Passwatch videos / listen to MP3s
Full Accesswatch videos / listen to MP3s
Essence Process Inner Circlewatch videos / listen to MP3s, upload videos/MP3s
Web Video Chat » Web video chat is a state-of-the-art chat application that can be used for basic text chat, voice chat, and/or video chat, using your PC sound card and webcam. It includes many features such as private messages while chatting and file sending. You can even use this application to have live "conference calls" with your group members.

Guest Accessn/a
Community Passchit, chat
Full Accesschit, chat
Essence Process Inner Circlechit, chat

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